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Are you planning a complete bathroom overhaule or simply updating , The options are endless - the design options of Accessories, vanity units, showers, mirrors, bathtubs, tiles are vast.

The design of your bathroom dictates its feel. Tiled walls make it a clean, modern look, while certain colors and stylish accents can make it more inviting.

Lush Bathrooms

<br/>Rio L.E.D Shower
L.E.D Showers are the latest thing, They allow you to create a column of cascading water
and light which look awesome and add that extra edge to your bathroom design.
built-in led matrix provides a spectrum of stunning colour effects with 96 LED lights
all programmable by a key pad, The RIO is brand new and ultra thin and the best in led design

We all have them all around the house, well why not get this superb high definition tv  for your bathroom.
Set in to the wall this lcd tv screen looks so cool.
19" HD ready LCD TV with Freeview, Set in waterproof casing with internal speakers, Waterproof remote control, TV Size: (H)312 x (W)584 x (D)51mm, Back Box Size: (H)334 x (W)602 x (D)54mm

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